First post on my walk with DID

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Wow, where do we begin?  We are Philo, or Beloved.  Who are we?  We exist in one corporeal body that is just more than 50ish years old, a man who has been diagnosed as having multiple personalities, or what is known today as DID:  dissociative identity disorder.

I do not identify as a “we” except where it benefits in my writing.  It’s just too weird.  Besides, alternate “personalities” do not pop out of me and take over in the sense of DID/MPD that has often been portrayed in popular media.  As a disorder, it presents itself in different ways in different people.  It is a spectrum disorder, similar in that regard to autism, depression, alcoholism, and others.  Essentially, broken PARTS of my psyche try to assert themselves over my thoughts/emotions.  I can only SENSE what the unintegrated part(s) of my psyche feel or think or desire.  They do not talk.  Ever.  Never have.  But we have an interesting history, and I have an interesting insight into, well, MY OWN healing–which just happens to be ongoing.  So if you’re at all interested, stay tuned as we ride this roller coaster out of the darkness and into HIS MARVELOUS LIGHT.

Oooo!  What was that?  Did one of you make a reference to, maybe, perhaps, Godishness, Christianity?  Yes, indeed!  You wanna know the secret to HEALING?

EACH OF YOUR/OUR/MY PERSONALITIES HAS TO ACCEPT THE LIGHT AND TRUTH OF THE CHRIST.  Period.  THIS is what true integration really is.  And it has happened to me 9 times already.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

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