Thursday Ramble-less Ramble

I had a Thursday Ramble ready for posting last Thursday, but I could not get it posted.  As I write most often using my word processor, well… let’s just say that I had insurmountable difficulties in pasting what I had written to this blog.  There is no particular need for this to be the case:  one line of code in WordPress’ programming would alleviate such difficulties, but they refuse to write it.  I could figure out the needed line before the end of the day…jussayin

Why have I entitled this as a “ramble-less” ramble?  Because my mind is more structured today than it normally tends to be.  While orderliness and structure are good, fine, honorable, laudable, and worthy of emulation, their opposite can be just as desirable.  Disorder, chaos, randomness, etc. are OFTEN the progenitors of some rather creative ideas.  Having the ability to be disordered and creative OR ordered and productive whenever you choose is ideal.  Sometimes I have a choice; sometimes I do not.

When I do have that choice, I have to go into the recordings that I make and begin to transcribe them, or take the transcriptions and write based upon what is included in them.  Additionally, I get imagery, Bible studies, sermons, dances, recipes for some of the most unusual–and unusually decadent–pastries that you cannot imagine, and some rather deep philosophical/theological musings.  I walk around with a digital voice recorder in a holster and a microphone clipped to my sweatshirt and tell God to, “Turn it up!”  Quite often, He accommodates this request.  It’s quite enjoyable.


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