Friday Morning Anticipation

DID.  There, I included the word/term/acronym.  I (we?) have (had) multiple personalities.  Today I get to sit at home and await the delivery of my new Graphics Tablet.  Like most DID peoples that I have read about and/or known, I have multiple and varied interests.  Today I get to become a cartoonist/animator.  Which is kinda like being an artist, or is it that an artist is kinda like being an animator?  Actually, the answer to that is neither.  If you’re an artist/creator, you can do  this in various walks of life/professions/media.  You can be an artist while delivering a baby.  Or while squeezing one out.  Whatever.  But I’ve been/done multiple things, and been an artist in each.  Here are a few of the things that I have been/am, and a few of the things that I want to be/am.  (I’m attempting to post a succession of images, but I do not know if I shall be able to do so because…)

So, I thought I’d take the time to LIST those art professions that I have been/am, and those few that I still want to be/am:

Pastry Chef/Chocolatier


Sheet Metal Fabricator

Tool and Die Maker/Machinist



Writer (fiction/poetry/nonfiction/Bible studies…lots of Bible studies)

Graphics (drawing, painting, computer graphics/digitalia/001011101010’s)

Computer Programmer/Builder/Repair

Photographer/Darkroom GrandMaster



(Trust me, there are a few I left off the list.)

I guess the photos appeared above the text.  Not where I had anticipated, but…



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