Have I found a new Church home?

There’s a pastor and church that is truly feeding my soul, of late, and I’d kinda like to walk you down the road on this a little bit.  I will have to leave out a lot of interesting details that show God’s handiwork in all this to keep it from going way too long.  I’ll save that for the book.

When I came to this certain part of the planet, there was a certain “church” that I just KNEW I would NEVER go to, not even ONCE, not if every single other church within 100 miles burnt to the ground.  You see, I was struggling with the last remnants of Pharaseeism/legalism.

THEY were too worldly for ME!  I have too much dignity to surround myself with people who dress like THAT and play music like THAT!  And look at that “pastor”!  He’s so young and handsome, he dresses like a 20 year old PUNK!  (Sorry, just being honest.  Perhaps I even had a little jealousy within me; I cannot be certain.)

So, for 9 months, I’d occasionally hear about him, or hear a radio blurb from him, and I couldn’t care less.  But God was busy breaking down walls and breaking down walls and breaking down walls.  And He was busy expanding my vision/understanding of Who He is, what His Love means, how much He loves EACH of us, how much He has for EACH of us.

So then, just this past Saturday night, as I was researching something else online, I saw a link to this particular pastor’s sermon at some conference, and I dared to click it.  Mind you, I had woven and navigated and searched for many minutes before I got here, and I didn’t really want to click it and watch the man, but I did.  And I watched him ALL NIGHT!  And I went to THAT Church THE NEXT MORNING.  And the people were WONDERFUL!  They worshiped like they MEANT it!  They were FREE!

And, I’ve spent 3 or 4 or 5 or 8 hours a day being fed by this pastor.  He’s AMAZING!  He’s REAL!  Let me just say, I have to give his ministry, his faithfulness to the LORD, credit for smashing the last remaining bits of legalism in my life.  I’m freer because of Pastor Levi Lusko’s connection to God.


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