Sentence Diagramming (ramble)

It’s been nearly a month since I posted anything from inside my own skull.  I reposted that blog entitled “What is co-consciousness?” by another blogger, a post from 2012.  (Insert more info, links here, when you find out how, Philo:  )

One thing that most of us who have correctly been diagnosed with DID have discovered is that, NO TWO WALKS ARE THE SAME.  My path INTO the disorder and my path OUT OF the disorder are as unique to me as your paths are to you.  As a rule, getting IN is a whole lot less complex than getting OUT.  I haven’t read much ABOUT or BY many DID’s because I do not want to taint my walk out of the disorder with anything that isn’t mine, isn’t in my prescription, isn’t what GOD has for me in this walk.

I don’t have to create complex, fanciful, color-coded flowcharts the size of a semi trailer with lists of names and genders and events and my reactions/thoughts/feelings to them, chronicling every minute from birth to now, because that isn’t FOR me.  I probably went through much of that in my mind, somewhere, but creating complex systems, and latching onto these fanciful systems with interesting names:  NOT FOR ME.  It smacks of GUILD mentality, which I vehemently oppose.  It smacks of DECADES of petty busywork, works and processes with important-sounding names, to give you some sense of importancehood and camaraderie with your exclusive, secret guild brothers and sisters.  Some people are more caught up in their systems than their healing.

Besides, my GOD doesn’t need any system to heal me.  HE certainly doesn’t need MY obsession with systems and flowcharts and exclusively-named processes that are more complex than sentence-diagramming an entire Dickens novel.  (I used that as an example because I would, indeed, appreciate the luxury of diagramming every sentence in a Dickens novel.  Later.  Much, much later.  Does anyone even know how to diagram sentences any longer?  Does anyone know why we once did it?  Does anyone care?  Is there anybody out there?  Sorry, a little Pink Floyd squeezed in there.  I told you these things ramble.)

I intend to return…sentDiagram


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