Maladroit (a ramble)


I was looking up synonyms for gauche because I think that the word gauche is gauche.  Certainly asking if something you’re doing is gauche…is gauche.  Anyway, one of the synonyms was:  maladroit.  “Now that is a word one doesn’t read very often,” I heard a voice say.  And it doesn’t fit into the sense of the word gauche like the word that I was seeking.  So I thought, ‘I can’t even use that cool word.’  Then I thought, ‘Yes I can.  Don’t tell me I can’t do something!  I can do all things through CHRIST WHO strengthens me!’  So this is the proof.

Anyway, I got to thinking about how much I despise the US national anthem.  It’s a horribly impossible song to sing, it isn’t particularly catchy musically, and the lyrics…don’t make sense to us–they’re a bit too poetic at times, and the vernacular is a bit out dated to boot.  And the melody wasn’t written for the mediocre poem’s lyrics to begin with.  It has no redeeming value except that it is played at events that most people don’t have to attend very often.


I remember being a tiny Patriot.  Yes, a Patriot, with a capital P.  Tricorner hat and musket!  I signed the Deceleration of Independence for the first time, I think, when I was 6 years old.  I remember being this age and listening to my father’s talking about the Founding Fathers and the Founding Documents and how that these documents were CLEAR and that our country should run THIS way, like it says HERE!  “These [gosh darned] commies are ruining EVERYTHING!  EVERYTHING!”  That may or may not have been frequently heard around my father’s house.

My father:  Archie Bunker Dummkopf

It didn’t deter me from glomming onto all the data that I could about our nation and our Founding Fathers and to read Locke, Jefferson, Adams, Montesquieu, Fortescue, Bastiat….  I knew Archie was off the deep end.  But I still had a full, complete image of how the country should be run.  It hasn’t changed much from the dreams of the “perfect country” of that 6 year old boy who wrote the Declaration, signed the Declaration, was the top Admiral in the war, became the first President, back when the word President deserved capitalization, then became Supreme Court Justice.  All at the ripe age of 6 years old.  It happened.  I was there.

Only now, that 6 year old boy is a 50+ year old man who will not stop striving for one thing, my BIGGEST dream EVER

can i do this?  can i really type this?









Something for which, at present, I would consider myself maladroit.


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