A PROMISE to our Adversary

This seemingly “wasted” life, these years that the locust hath eaten, this will all mean something one of these days.


The adversary tried to keep you bound with chains and with weaponry


No need for you to fill in the blanks with when and where and how.  GOD has all that covered.  Just as HE covers you in HIS protection, with HIS provision, with HIS LOVE!


You are seated in the Heavenlies, next to HIM!  The end has been written.

JESUS WINS!  It didn’t take anything for us to join the winning team.  All that one has to do is to say, “Yes.”

Which is why it seems so difficult for many people to accept, to believe.  They often believe, as I once did, that they have more of a role in it, that their part, their goodness or faithfulness or holiness or sinlessness or their own somethingness has any role to play in joining the team OR in remaining as a valuable member of the team.  As they might say in the Navy:  $hitcan that idea.  It ain’t you or me.  It never was you or me!  It is all HIM!  It has always been ALL JESUS.  We bring nothing to the table.  Ever.  THIS is the nature of GRACE.

All the good within us, all the fascinating dreams, all the art, all the love and joy and peace and good feelings and talents and interests, ALL of the good within us




Even our faith.  Tell HIM that you’re seriously considering it.  Think about thinking about it.  There is no doubt that HIS WORD shall not return unto HIM void.  Time spent pondering GOD can never be a bad thing, even if it makes you a little bit uncomfortable, at present.

Water Water


and You refuse to Drink


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