What I just Heard from a Crow


Earlier this morning, as the sun was still low in its arc, I saw the shadow of a crow passover from behind me to in front of me.  As I turned to view the bird, it kept on flying unimpacted by my existence.  It did, however, turn its head and look into my soul for a few brief seconds, assessing any potential threat.  Its path was unobstructed, and the object which was briefly in its gaze had none effect upon the bird.

For those of you who entertain DID, a brief comparison may prove helpful.  Our unintegrated personalities are always assessing, looking for potential threats.  When a threat is perceived, action is taken–if only a brief return to old thought patterns.

Here is what I heard:  The crow looked directly at me, assessed me as no threat, and remained on its path.  All that was required of the bird was for it to turn its head in my direction.  MY direction.  As soon as the potential threat was determined to be no threat at all, the only thing that was required to continue with its flight plan was for it to turn its head back in its intended direction.

Whether you have DID or not, if you are CHRIST’S, you have no threat.  By all means, turn your head, assess the situation, and, simply, turn your head back in the direction of CHRIST’S path for you.  Keeping your head turned in the wrong direction could cause you to end up in the propeller of a 1927 Stearman, which thing could mess up your whole day.  (P.S.  I’m in that Stearman.  GOD is my STEER-MAN.  Even crows who are not looking in the right direction are of no threat to me.)


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