What I learned from my Father, Archie Bunker Dummkopf


This post is rather personal.  This post was a moments-ago Gift from GOD that I hope is as much of a Gem to a certain, single person on the planet as it was to me.  As it came to me in what, basically, was a prayer, as I was Seated in the Heavenlies, this person’s Completed, It Is Done Soul was seated next to me.  I could sense Her that strongly.  So if this was Input from GOD to me, I choose to send it back to HIM as a prayer for this person.  May She be Blessed.  LORD, take over my fingers:

I remember one time, when I was, I don’t know, about 7 or 8 years old, or so, my father spoke some of the wisest WORDS that ever passed from GOD through Archie’s lips.  Archie told me and my brother, “If you learn to speak and write well in this world, you will always go far.  That, and be early, ALL THE TIME.  Oh, and always do more than is expected of you at work.”

Then, a few years later, Archie told us, “Computers are going to take over the world.  It wouldn’t be bad advice for you boys to consider taking TYPING.  You will need it soon.”

I took these particular tidbits of information to heart!  I, in the 9th grade, took “Typing” in High School.  This was rather uncommon, back then.  ALL of the “boys” who took typing back in the day, were derided and called some rather unpleasant things.

But, when I was a Junior, I got my first home computer, a Timex Sinclair T1000.  Then, the next year, I took Computer Class, learning to write in BASIC.  And I could do some rather creative things at the time, let me tell you!  And Archie bought an even better Home computer, the Commodore Vic20, with which I was on the pre-internet internet.  Compuserv, which charged you an exorbitant fee, by the minute, to connect with an audio modem at, like, 0.0 bps.  For text on your computer screen.  (At least I was able to change my default screen to PURPLE.)  So the typing has come in handy.

I’d take the advice AND the pain again, if it meant that I could have the Gifts of GOD that I now do.  I happen to think that I write rather well, and I thank GOD for the Gift.  I wordcraft for HIS Glory, and I wordcraft so that it may touch SOMEONE, and I wordcraft for my own Peace.  HE sustains me with my Gifts, AND my Dreams….

(P.S.  I still type as well as when I graduated High School:  30 WPM.  With 40 mistakes. Which is an improvement over failing Typing Class with 5 WPM with 10 mistakes.  It’s all in the ratios, you see.)


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