Pulling on Taffy Naked


The title of this post was going to be:  “Dancing Naked at Dusk with my Haunted Typewriter by Candlelight to Talking Heads and Taking Notes for my Novel.  And Praying.  Still Naked.  Just a Normal Night around Here.”  I decided that such a long title wouldn’t look pritty on my eyefone.  (Yes, I know that you spell it:  pretty.  But pritty looks prittier on the page to me when it’s spelled with an i, especially when I’m wordcrafting with expensive art pens.  And that’s the way I say it, because it rhymes with Kitty.  So there.)

Anyway, I’ve been pulling on taffy.  Naked.  I know that that may evoke rather disturbing images, but forgive me.  I’ve been working on preaching, as well, and I started typing it up on my NOT haunted typewriter today.  It is tentatively titled:  Nekidity.  Philo’s term for, well, yes, nudity.  But it wouldn’t make you uncomfortable, even around children, I promise.

I guess I got to get around to giving a loose definition of “Taffy Pulling” on a semi-regular basis.  One of the ways that GOD speaks to me is imagery while I dance and pray.  It’s a beautiful world I live in (which just so happens to be one of the songs I was dancing naked to.  (I said the sermon wouldn’t make you uncomfortable, I never promised that of this blog post.)  But Taffy Pulling is the imagery that I get ABOUT thinking, while thinking.  GOD puts what HE wants to tell me in these pink taffy clouds.  And I pull on the taffy clouds to talk to GOD.  I’m quite abnormal.  No, wait, you didn’t just type that?  Yes, he did!  Someone erase that!

Sorry for the interruption above.  I carry around a BLOOD-bought basket of deplorables with me wherever I go.  Sometimes I let them type.  You should see what get’s erased!  But the sermon is about being raw, bare, vulnerable with GOD.  You MUST do these things.  You MUST face down the darkness.  (Or darknesses, in the case of DID peeps.)  And the only way to do that is with GOD’S help.  Don’t EVER consider that YOU have to make things better on your own before you can return to GOD.  This will lead to the growing darkness.  Sorry, I’m preaching. (And, in case you’re wondering, naked is ALWAYS referring to rawness with GOD, in the text above. So get those disgusting images out of your head; I’m not writing in the nude. That’s disturbing. I’m at work, here. I’m wearing jeans and a cowboy hat 🤠 .)

So I’m pulling on the Preaching cloud, and I’m pulling on the Novel cloud.  And, in the novel, Philo has just arrived back on Earth, after having been gone for exactly 100 years, but Earth has aged 500 years, but his homestead is untouched by man or time.  But there IS a cat in his 500 year old recliner, with his paw resting on a verse in Jeremiah which speaks to Philo, so he names the cat Jeremiah.  Oh, he’s 257 years old.  And he’s about to get married.  So I have to get back to that because I’m officiating.



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