I don’t believe “they” I believe HIM (and them)


There is a popular CCM song that gets played way too much for me.  I happen to love everything about it except the WORDS.  Being a WORDCRAFTER, let me weave you down the Road that will explain why I feel comfortable enough to start this off with what seems like a criticism.  Here’s a hint:  it all ends up in GOD.

MERCYME is an amazing group.  Hands down, Talent on Loan from GOD.  Love the writing/lyrics, love the music, LOVE the lead singer’s voice.  And I MUST stop my car and, pull over somewhere to PRAISE whenever “I Can Only Imagine” comes on the radio because I can only imagine what would happen to me and my car if I did not.  It takes me to the THRONEROOM!  If I cannot get off the road, I change the channel.  Sometimes, the throneroom can wait a half hour.  I’m good with that.

“Even If” by MERCYME, at first, irritated me so much that I felt HORROR by listening to it.  It’s a fine song, don’t get me wrong, but the lyrics don’t minister to ME, where I live, where I HAVE to live, right now.  I’m sure that it ministers to many.  My first “creative” thought was:  THERE ARE NO WHAT IF’S EVEN IF’S, THERE IS ONLY WHAT IS.  HE IS.  HE IS THE I AM.  And I’ve been pulling on taffy ever since to pull this Song out of the SKY, and the CHOCOLATE river, in the land of the PURPLE sky where I go to commune with GOD.

So I looked at the words more closely, today, and got another line.

His first line starts out:  “They say…”  That was enough for me!  The song irritates me so much because I used to listen to the they’s.  I used to listen to around a dozen voices that are not, now, simply silent.  What they now add is their LOVE and JOY and all their BLESSINGS.  ALL of them know what I know.  We all live in the same place.  They add more Godly salt to everything that I see, to every wordcrafting post.  We are I.  We are ONE.  ONE with one another, and at ONE with GOD.

I don’t listen to any ‘they.’  That would be grammatically incorrect, you see.  I listen to them (my own HALLELUJAH Chorus).  And HIM.


(p.s.  I’m going to try something new, calling out my next post with the merest glance at it, and a Given title.  I don’t know how it may develop.  They work better that way.  So tune in tomorrow, same BatTime, same BatChannel for:  “DID has come to mean:  “David in Dance” to me.)

(It didn’t pan out. It seems to be well enough covered in my post below entitled: Dance: an anti-Ramble. Don’t expect for me to get around to posting a link. Scroll.)


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