Hallelujah.  That is the most difficult word on the planet for my dyslexic self to spell.  When I look at it on the page, it looks like it’s existing in a different realm.  If someone spoke one letter at a time and awaited my signal before proceeding to the next letter, I do believe that I could manage to spell it.  It may as well meld into Chinese or Klingon.  Which is how the photo ties into the blogpost.  I saw it, I wanted it, I saw no way for my–REPEAT: MY–thoughts today to roll into anything interesting to write on the blog.  And no more than your average day’s interaction with my multiple Star Trek fantasies from 50 years ago.  Nothing new here, GOD!

And BAM! HE hits me with my 4th integration experience of the past month.  Each time, it’s a LIFE CHANGING connection to all of ME!  I CANNOT understate this!!  What’s even greater still, each time feels like it is the LAST TIME.  I seem to become so UNSPEAKABLY complete, so ON TARGET, so ON MISSION, so LOVED!

EACH TIME, I see other people AND myself so much differently.  SCALES continue to fall away from my eyes!  How much BRIGHTER I see the world and myself, after having undergone a LIFE CHANGING optical surgery.  THIS is my journey!  IT’S A BEAUTIFUL WORLD I LIVE IN!


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