Wordcrafting Wramble


I wanted to ramble about one of my SPIRITUAL GIFTS FROM GOD, again, and, well, the title says it all.

I come to you blank.

Well, that is not entirely true.  I had a whiff of a TINY new project (which I seemed to have lost), a blogpost or another, NEW, 1800 page SCIENCE FICTION TRILOGY.  “BUT I’M ALREADY WORKING ON THE FIRST 1800 PAGE SCIENCE FICTION TRILOGY THAT YOU GAVE ME!”  I shouted in PURPLE words to GOD.  “YOU know, the one that quotes SCRIPTURE every second page.  They’re not my words, they’re YOURS!  I feel like a plagiarist!”  I see the novels COMPLETE in my head, the movies, the plastic characters, etc.  It just awaits my fingers, my obedience.  I know the characters like I know my own, REBORN, integrated, gifted, talented, creative, productive, FEARLESS, LOVING, GOD CENTERED, BLOOD BOUGHT personalities.

Praise the LORD Amen

You see, a blogpost OR an 1800 page trilogy, they are one in the same to me.  While texting a friend, something that he said brought an image to my mind.  Frankly, GOD gave me an image.  I might as well go all the way with this thing, so you can see why I am CERTAIN that GOD created me to craft with words.

A friend texted me that he had never had issues with someone else that the rest of the family had.  These are legitimate issues.  And the text that immediately generated itstef, because of this momentary image, was this:  Don’t tell me that you texted that while standing over his body in a pool of blood, wondering, “How did I get here?”

That brief image gave me a text message, a Detective Novel, a blogpost, a movie, multiple Bible Studies, SERMONS, and a Children’s Bible Study cartoon series.  With DANCING, by the way.  And at least ONE loveable character would have a passion for COOKING.  (And none of this is tied to the SCI-FI trilogy that, temporarily, got away.)

BUT, they all have these themes built in, these plots written upon the barest of skeletons:  RESURRECTION, Redemption, Restoration, Reconciliation, the pain and the trauma visible, real, raw.  Why?  Because no one else is doing it.  Seems to be my role.  BUT, then is expressed:  the JOYS, the COMPLETENESS, the RECONCILIATION with GOD, with SELF, with OTHERS, and the LOVE that you are then able to POUR OUT onto OTHER PEOPLE… It’s a harmonious world I live in, and my mere words could NEVER express my JOY to GOD for…



Philo is ALL IN



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