GREAT GOD, INDEED! I had nothing in mind.  This photo spoke to me in a list because it is an artform that I desire to know how to do, but am clueless as to where to begin.  All of the rest of the artwork on this page was straight up 2D, cartoonic representation similar to how I can sometimes draw.  This one, not like the rest.  Kinda like the robot behind the keyboard, Philo.  (Too deep to address that sentence here.  What an amazing post it might make.  About my preaching and dancing!  And GOD, all the way through it, of course!  Because it all begins and ends with GOD for me. Wait till you see what I am magnificently blessed to be able to see!  It WILL come to pass.  IT IS DONE!  AMEN)    But anyway, as per my usual, I saved the image by pressing three random letters.  I cannot see them; I do not care what they say.  But the spelling corrector offered two words for what appeared to be a jumble on the screen from my seat.  These I could read; these two words were:  Great God.  Thus I got the title to the blogpost.

So, this one odd image among 20, that I was JEALOUS of the artist over.  (Not really, but I DO get imagery LIKE this, and I shall soon be able to see some of it come to life.  IT IS DONE!)  And I thought, ‘How you going to make a post out of this, GOD?’  Well, I did; I said it.  Again.  HE heard me.

“But there are WORDS beneath this image that you love,” HE said to me.  “I speak to you in WORDS, PHILO, MY BELOVED!  Look at the WORDS, My Beloved.”


One image among many.


One word.

Psychonauts.  What a PURPLE WORD!  You see, PURPLE starts with P, and it has another P in it, and so that qualifies P to be among the cool, PURPLE Letters.  You see, I don’t see even one letter in the same way that most people do.  Most letters have colors.  Sometimes those colors can change based upon how I meant that letter at the particular time that I wrote it, or whether it is one of those letters that must ALWAYS be its own particular color.  There are a few words, even, that always have their own particular color.  But that list is small.  PURPLE is important to be one of those few words that never changes colors.  The rest of the colors that you might be able to name, they don’t all make that list, even.  But whole color words are the normative, usually taking on the color that I SENSE from the first letter of that word.  I make the most beautiful WORDCRAFTING, uh, thingies by emphasizing it in my colorful way using Microsoft Word.  And Paint.  And Corel.  And, soon, I hope, iClone 3D animation.  I may even be able to render some of my imagery from the Pink Taffy Clouds, who knows?  Consider this a prayer, LORD.  Amen

Psycho is a word that was meant for PAIN, when it was used as an invective toward me.  (It also happens to be my cat’s nickname because it rhymes with his given name.) The invectivizers were not TRUTHFULLY speaking to me, in the REAL WORLD, in the world where I live with GOD.  That is the only TRUTH world.  JESUS CHRIST is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.  The invectivizers were speaking truths that were in their own souls.  The words had NOTHING to do with ME.  What the INVECTIVIZERS and the adversary meant for evil, GOD MEANT FOR GOOD!  Psycho is SUCH a beautiful word, to me, in my head.  It’s all sorts of PURPLE!  The art imagery that I could make with oceans of PURPLE paint!  Amen

Amen is RED, always RED, because of the BLOOD that was shed for us to be able to speak it.  And, for some quirky reason, I believe that I read about a Colonial Era Preacher who refused to put a period after Amen, if you’re recording it as a prayer.  (“Let GOD do that!”)  Which thing, like everything, always turns itself into a piece of art in my head.  I see this blogpost, every letter crafted in my multi-colored pens, on parchment, REAL parchment, with charred edges, shellacked onto a dark-stained, super-knotty pine board, with Jackelope heads affixed on either side.  Okay, that’s probably enough.  There’s more to it, this brief glimpse into…PURPLE LAND.  I won’t bore you.  I am going to dance.




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