Contemplating my Thumb while Tilting at Windmills


All I had was a title.  I didn’t even have a pic.  You know that I rarely use one whose possible hinted reference or association isn’t buried layers in these words.  Same goes with the title.  I do not know what to type next.  (I’m on the edge of nervous every time that I do this.  I think it’s called Faith.  What a GLORIOUS JOY!)

I guess I start by telling you how the title came to this blank mind.  I was contemplating my thumb.  I was determining whether or not I needed to clip my nails.  And I drifted off to PURPLE LAND for a bit longer than I would have been comfortable had anyone else noticed.  It’s a PEACEFUL, PURPLE world with Strawberry Taffy Clouds that you can eat or play with.  You can make them do things.  And it has roller coasters, and you’re always in the front seat, with everyone you love, and a chocolate river, and the air smells like flowers wherever you go, inside and out, even in the bathroom, even in the winter, which only lasts a week, unless you go up the PURPLE MOUNTAINS MAJESTY, where you can ski at that perfect temperature for you, wearing your favorite PURPLE outfit and your favorite PURPLE FEDORA, and you DANCE and SKI down the mountain, singing CHRISTMAS CAROLS and tossing CANDY CROSSES to the people in GingerbreadTowne collecting ideas for your art and for SERMONS the entire day.   And, well, I guess if playing with visuals and songs in my head for 30 seconds is the worst thing that anyone might discover about me, I’m comfortable with that.

But I still got nothing.  Well, nothing else.  Perhaps a 180° cup of my syrupy BLACK coffee will soften up some of that Pink Taffy in these clouds.  They’re rather…cold.  I still got nothing.  I think that I need to dance, then fill up on some WORD by listening to awesome Preaching from Pastor Levi Lusko.  He doesn’t preach from my particular PURPLE, for that PURPLE is just my own.  But he preaches from his own connection to GOD, whatever color it might be.  I hope to learn if he has a color that is so deeply ingrained in his soul that he can see it as distinctly as I can my own.  I hope that he can distinguish it from all the other colors of all the souls who will ever be saved.  GOD understands each of us so completely, and we are, ultimately, in HIS EYES, more different than the snowflakes.  HE HATH MADE US, the REAL us, the us that is up there even now, SEATED NEXT TO HIM.  PERFECT GEMS OF GOD.


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