“F— It!” is a Bucket

WARNING:  From this point forward, this post will NOT be edited for children, or, yet, for preaching.  MILITARY LANGUAGE AHEAD!  Proceed only if you choose to.

The title developed while in the smallest room of my house.  It kinda began to develop at an AA meeting, when an anonymous someone mentioned a case of the “Fuck its.”  It’s a thing that most all of us know.  But “Fuck It!” is a bucket INTO which and OUT OF which we like to stuff things, and utilize them at our choosing.  How might this develop?  (That’s all I had.)

Okay, the “F-bomb.”  Let’s go there.  I’m supposed to be a Christian, and Christians ought not use that word, or so it is commonly believed.  Both of my parents cussed like sailors, and I was in the military just days after I graduated.  I could not get away from it.  And now, as a person who desires to reach the broken, the lost, the “Least of These,” I shall have to be near and with plenty of people who, well, at the least, use the word.

Like you do.

Most of you, anyway.  If only in your heads.  Being offended is not a pleasant CROSS to bear, and it is not your CROSS to bear.  It certainly isn’t my CROSS to bear.  Lemme see, the Beatitudes seems to come to mind here….  If my mind chatter offends me when someone else speaks similarly aloud, well, it isn’t HE who has an issue.  Offense is in the ear of the offended.  And in his heart.  Jussayin.

But, at stressful times, all of us can throw up our hands and say, “Fuck It!” if only silently, in our heads.  I hear it MULTIPLE times per day within.  So we’ve reached a point where, in essence, we’ve admitted our powerlessness.  The RIGHT thing to do, at this stage, is to take your “Fuck It!” to GOD.

“Ooooo!  How DARE you!  How DARE you suggest that I cuss to GOD!  What the fuck is wrong with you!?!?”  I use the word in prayer probably every day.  I have to be raw and real with GOD.  I mean, it’s not like HE doesn’t know the things that I’d rather hide from HIM anyway.  Let me just tell you, progressing from, “FUCK YOU, GOD!” to “This is a fucking mess, GOD, please help me with this!”  It’s a lot sweeter place I live in now, let me tell you!  And the instances of using the word, they have dwindled.  Dramatically.

We stuff all related things to the “Fuck It!” pronouncement into a bucket, and we like to think that we leave it all there, together.  But then we pull out one thing at a time and say, “See here!  I had to endure THIS!  I got THIS!  THIS justifies my being an asshole to you, because you never had to go through THIS!  I’m justified in my bitterness, and my using the word FUCK because of THIS.”

Stuff your bucket with your shit.  Admit your powerlessness.  And surrender it all to GOD!  Let HIM pull these things from the bucket and show you how to deal with them.  HE has promised that HE won’t give us more than we are able to handle.  But the longer that you stuff your bucket, the more things HE will have to pull back out for you to deal with.  To deal with properly, with GOD.  Not by pouring alcohol or food into your face hole, or by earning more money, or by spending more money, or by sleeping with 200 partners, or by reading 2,500 science fiction books…er, conviction, ahem.  Amen


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