You Must Be Out Of Your Heart


In the cropped image above, you can see a redacted version of a hard copy of a post that I wanted to put online.  It reads:  “JESUS, I don’t even have a title:  But I am down to my last typewriter.  As I was typing up sermon notes, my New-fangled eelektrik typewriter took a dump.  I believe that I may be able to fix it.  But, if you haven’t noticed, the “P” key, you know, the letter with which both Philo and PURPLE start, it doesn’t quite work right.  PRAISE THE LORD, however, it does have RED,”

The title was going to be “Jesus, I don’t even have a title,” but that petered out when something kept bothering me and kept bothering and kept bothering me for about 3 days now.  So this post is a result of some SERIOUS Taffy Pulling.  BRB, got to put the towels in the dryer.

Separateness, Heart/Mind/Soul, Brain, what the heck ever.  Something like that should have been the title.

I think that you probably have some of the above wrong, mixed up in your mind.  Indeed, most of contemporary Western Culture has it all mixed up in their souls/minds/heads/spirits/guts/bowels/kidneys/reins/intestines/guts/whatever.  I was wrong.  You are likely wrong.  Your pastor is likely wrong.  His teachers were likely wrong.  His text books were decidedly and deliberately wrong.  And the warm-and-squishy-feels shows that you watch on the tele, they are UNDOUBTEDLY wrong.

And you’ve shut down.  You’ve rejected seeking truth already.  Sure, sure, I know it.  “Who’s this crazy guy with multiple personalities telling me that my pappy is wrong and  that his studies–and he STILL studies–are wrong?!?”

I could walk you through this, with Hebrew scholars, former Jews–the JEWISH Jews, you know, the kind who live in Israel, who STUDY and PRAY to a GOD–who are now Christian preachers/theologians, former Muslims and Hindus, from much closer to the scene of the action, who know the language better, the culture better, Christian teachers, evangelists, scholars.  I could walk you through Strong’s, Vine’s, let you listen to Matthew Henry, Albert Barnes, Adam Clark, John Gill.  But you don’t care.  You’ve shut down.  You’re comfortable in your ignorance.  And the pain that accompanies your comfortably uncomfortable plateau.

“What, specifically, are you saying I’m wrong about?” asked the one person who has read this far.

When we in the West refer to a person’t “heart,” we often like to consider this a special place in which emotions are locked away.  It’s a special, separate place, TOTALLY different from our minds, where GOD is supposed to be residing, and where my love for my spouse and children and parents and all humanity is supposed to come from.

But you would be Wrong!  Dutch Uncle Philo has been reborn.  I won’t beat around the bush and lead you gently down the stadium stairs, like a crippled 99 year old.  Especially when I can see dangers that you cannot, that you REFUSE to even ponder.  I’ll kick that cane out from under you and give you a SHOVE if I feel I must.  CONSIDER THIS A SHOVE.

Your “emotions” do not come from a place that is separate from your thinkingness spot.  Thinking ALWAYS precedes emotion.






If you choose not to accept this, hang it up now, buddy, because we are NOT going to agree on ANYTHING else.  For anyone else who might be able to put aside a point, temporarily, to delve deeper into understanding, Please hang on.

I’ve heard hyper-literalists (mis)quote Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  The misquote, however, if it were considered a paraphrase, might be rather more accurate.  But hyper-legalists/literalists, or hyper-Calvinists, or hyper-Arminianismists, or whatever sect/segment/aspect of life/GOD you want to discuss, these hyper-___________ists are only true to their philosophy, their operating procedures, their modus operandi, their SOP, their RoE, they only take these…just…so…far….  In discussion/debate, you can always concoct a scenario in which they will go, “…Well…yeah…but….”  Letting some of that crap go will lift scales from your eyes and chains from your MINDS.  It’s a lot PURPLER, for instance, since I left those schools of thought, those ME-feeding thought-lines, philosophies, RoE, etc.  There is simply a bunch about GOD that I do NOT know.  GOD can work in ways that baffle ALL of us, ANY of us.  PURPLE my life, GOD!  Amen

Your mind is the seat of all your emotions.  Your mind is the seat of all your thoughts.  Both the pretty PURPLE thoughts, and the ones that are the same color and smell the same as, well, feces.  It’s all YOU.  It’s all the SAME you.  And you’re not any more diseased or twisted or evil–or disease-free, between your ears, in your MIND, than is the next gal or guy.  Seriously, you’re NOT NUTS!

This culturally-enforced separation between MINDness and HEARTness, it is a thing that most non-Western cultures do not possess.  It isn’t something that King David possessed, or that Apostle Paul possessed, or that their teachers or their texts possessed.

Read your favorite, I don’t know, 10 or 20 Bible verses that have the word “heart” in them–that would be 10 or 20 from EACH Testament–and substitute the word, “mind” where you see “heart.”

Try it!  Once!  Okay, so not EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE may make sense.  Plug it in, however.  What if the rest of the world is correct, and the West before, say, about the 1850’s or round abouts, what if this verse is talking about my mind?  What does this say about my mind, about me, about GOD, about the rest of these verses?  To me, it plugged in a whole lot more answers, it caused questions to dissipate, causing still more of the Bible–and myself–to make sense.

I got a 2 hour sermon on this.  And a book.  They can stay safely tucked in their own Pink Taffy Clouds until I need them later.  For now, I have to DANCE!




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