Dang Me (Ramble, perhaps lengthy…

…because I couldn’t stay out of the Taffy, with GOD on this one, this tiny thought bubble that I knew was destined to become a blogpost, showing how GOD is working in my life.)

Dang Me, by Roger Miller

As a little boy, I hated the hell out of this song, and this singer.  I thought it too juvenile for ME to perform, much less a grown man.  I thought that, by the time that you get out of diapers, you should be talking like, I don’t know, Richard Nixon, maybe.  Certainly I was thinking and talking about the man by this age.  I gobbled up every word that he spoke on TV and, within a few years, in the newspaper.  Why were children my age much more like my younger brother was when he was 2?  Goo-goo and patty cake and tag, these things don’t interest me.  (Trying to discover the physics, the exact trajectory to throw the few dodge balls that I ever managed to get hold of so that it hit Superman in the face or the gonads.  It was all about the physics, you see.  And a little revenge.  He was my biggest tormentor, but we became comfortable with each other’s existence even before we graduated, so we’re cool.)  I didn’t have much time for playing like a child, I had the Constitution and the Founding Fathers to study.  I had Star Trek Dreams awake and asleep.

That boy, now, UNDER THE BLOOD, he SINGS him some SILLY Roger Miller.  I could NEVER tolerate childish silliness, as a child.  ‘GET A LIFE!’ would roll through my head.


I took a break.  Okay, I had to dance.  To Zombie.  Long story, that.  How I can worship GOD while listening to Zombie.  Maybe the next post.  The pain is UNDER THE BLOOD.  That sums it up.  Forget telling anyone that your Gift of WORDS extends to lyrics, lyrics of this music that you sought out in pain, that you danced to in pain, these VERY songs have new, PURPLE words, born free, forever free of pain, filled with HIS LOVE.

The enemy’s very tool USED AGAINST HIM, with GOD’S Gifts of Words and Dance.  GOD’S Word is sharper than a two-edged sword.

And I’d like to learn this dang, silly song, because sillyness is now quite fun to me.  I don’t do it to attract others, to please others, as a rule.  I generally do it to please myself, in tribute to the JOY and FREEDOM that we have in CHRIST.  Like when I wear my Stovepipe Hat.  Covered in PURPLE glitter.  That’s for me, folks.

If I want to get your attention, I’ll insult your wife’s pickup.  No, just kidding.  But don’t be afraid to Pray or dance with a man wearing PURPLE, meandering the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve put away the things of a boy.  I’ve put away hating sillyness.  That thing served me as a boy.  Today, as a man, I get that sillyness back, as HIS Gift, to be used, ultimately, to SHOW FORTH ALL HIS GLORY!  Amen


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