The Thrill is GONE

The Thrill is GONE by BB King, whom I envision as a GRAND PRINCE in GOD’S HOLY ORCHESTRA, for when GOD calls upon Mr. King for that SWEET GUITAR and the MATCHLESS timber of his CHILD’S voice, all of HEAVEN rejoices!  With my parents, and Elvis Presley.  (And FAR more people than your legalists/Pharisees think are on the Big List.)

Anyway, I wanted to ramble about how I see this as my song to the adversary, whose names people often capitalize because it is common to do so for common names and in the illustrative euphemisms in poetic language.  But I prefer not to capitalize santa’s name.  I don’t let that red devil have any honor in my mind any longer.  santa’s name doesn’t even deserve capitalization at the beginning of a sentence.  I rarely use santa’s name.  To me, it’s as if santa doesn’t exist.  (Dyslexia?)

Besides, the RED BLOOD of JESUS the CHRIST cancels out the red that is associated with santa.  That red is supposed to represent flames, which thing people don’t really like, unless it’s under their control.  But associating that red devil with red was supposed to evoke FEAR, but the PERFECT LOVE OF THE CHRIST CASTETH OUT ALL FEAR!  So HIS BLOOD even took the COLOR RED back from santa, who canNOT intimidate those of us who have seen the LIGHT.  This LIGHT cannot be UNSEEN.

The Thrill is GONE, santa.  I’m done with you and your lies.  Every word in this song changes to something that speaks directly from my GODLY center.  From that image of the GOOD and KIND and GODLY and LOVING man that GOD implanted in me from a very young boy.  From my SEAT in the HEAVENLIES, my IT IS FINISHED moment.  THEN vengeance will be a brief undertaking.  REAL vengeance.  GOD’S JUSTICE, GOD’S VENGEANCE, against the adversary, santa, the only adversary we’ve ever really had.  THEN, Peace and Joy foreverafter.  Amen

}}Back to boiling cotton balls in homemade pigments.  I MUST find that EXACT shade for the Pink Taffy Clouds, the PURPLE Sky, the TREE trunks, the Chocolate River, the PURPLE Fruit on the TREE in the zen garden in my bathroom….{{


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